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Lake Atitlán Environmental Interests Group (LAEIG) is starting another season of reforesting the Tul Forests of Lake Atitlán in an ongoing effort to help with nutrient extraction and natural water filtration of the endangered beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. This is part of a collaborative effort with other NGO’s, government agencies, municipalities, Local indigenous groups and hundreds of volunteers. This effort is also designed to enhance public awareness for the plight of Lake Atitlán and has received National media coverage to help bring awareness and support to the initiative. Lake Atitlán is aproaching the point of becoming eutrophic (in layman’s terms: dying) and there are great efforts being taken to save it.

Last season thru the use of crowdfunding and private individuals’ financial support we were able to reforest around 1 mile of shoreline, provide economic stimulus to the families of around 30 indigenous tuleros (local Mayans who have been caring for the Tul forests for generations), build an army of volunteers trained by the local tuleros in proper planting techniques, develop key relationships in many government agencies, NGOs, and the local community to bring together collaborative planting days, finance the building of facilities to host volunteers to support the projects, finance the repairs of a boat donated to the project, and start construction of a dock.

This season, with such a well-built foundation, we are planning to triple our planting days to accomplish reforesting at least 3 miles of shoreline as well as build a demonstration Aguaponics system to show locals how to grow tilapia in a system that also grows them vegetables, instead of growing them in the lake which is contributing to the nutrient-loading problem. To support these efforts, we are raising funds to buy a motor for the projects boat, finish the dock for the boat, and finance the day-to-day operations (pay the tuleros, buy supplies for public awareness materials, gas and supplies for the planting days, etc., etc.).

Last season was a great success, and we look forward to working with everyone again this season and having another encouraging season helping this beautiful Lake and its people! Please support this campaign and this beautiful lake while we still can!

Thank you!

Shawn Eisenhauer and the LAEIG team

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