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Floating Rings Project

Water-purifying hyacinths fill big floating rings.

Like big hula hoops, floating rings are placed in the lake and the interior is filled with water hyacinths, which work to consume contaminants and filter the water. Water hyancinths are extremely fast-growing, absorbing nutrients quickly, and their roots hang down up to a foot below the surface creating a huge floating filtration area. Every couple of weeks, some of the plants can harvested for use in agriculture, converting nutrients from the lake into high-quality organic compost for local farmers.

LAEIG plans to use a floating ring to clean Santiago Atitlán Bay.

We are raising funds to install a giant floating ring filled with water hyacinth in Santiago Atitlán Bay. The plants will continuously absorb excess nutrients and their roots will create a large filtration area in the bay, which is contaminated by waste from the local town and commercial tilapia farms. The water hyacinth will be harvested regularly and distributed to local farmers for use in organic composting.